Rogue staff selling company data, warns shock survey

Have you thought about a threat to your data from inside your organisation?

According to new research, 45% of office employees would be willing to sell corporate information to people outside their organisation.

That is a staggering figure, isn’t it?

The What is the Price of Loyalty? report, from Deep Secure, says 15% of office workers reported that for £1,000, they would pass on confidential market information about their company or customers’ businesses, details of their firm’s sales pipeline, sensitive information relating to their colleagues, and customer information.

One in 10 would also sell intellectual property, such as product specifications, product code and patents, for £250 or less.

And the threat is real, as 59% of office workers admit to having taken information off corporate networks. A small percentage said this was to keep a personal record of their work, which could be seen as fine, but a worrying 47% admitted information was given to a third-party, such as a new employer (who may be your competitor), but, in 17% of cases, someone who they didn’t claim to know.

The findings also reveal that criminals are targeting younger employees to buy information.

A mixture of detection and prevention technologies is needed to halt the risk of malicious insiders taking your valuable information.

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