30 Years in the Business

Double joy as Mark Swann celebrates 30 years at the forefront of the IT industry and five years of success at UK Business IT

There’s not many people who can claim to have 30 years experience at the cutting edge of computing, but Mark Swann has seen it all.

Back in 1985, Tim Berners-Lee was still five years away from inventing the World Wide Web and Apple had just released its first Macintosh with an eye-watering price of $2,500.
“Trends have come and gone and as the size of the hardware has reduced the power of computing has increased massively,” said Mark, Managing Director of Stoke-on-Trent based UK Business IT.
Thirty years on, Mark is toasting the fifth anniversary of UK Business IT after enjoying senior management roles with IT companies in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

“We have enjoyed five years of growth at UK Business IT,” said Mark. “Turnover has increased by 20 per cent each year and staffing levels have doubled from three to six people.
“Many of our original customers are still with us and we are extremely proud of that, but we have grown to service customers in an area ranging from Manchester to Telford.”
“We generally take on customers within an hour’s drive time of our office at Pennant House, Etruria – it amounts to a vast area as we are so conveniently situated right on the A500, between two M6 junctions.

“This allows us to offer a one hour emergency call out service but we also pride ourselves on providing a proactive service, monitoring our customers’ networks so that we can pre-empt problems and take action before emergencies occur.

“We promote partnership working with our customers as we are looking for long-term evolving relationships.”
At UK Business IT. Mark has assembled an experienced team of engineers, each with over 10 years of experience.
He added: “We are looking to the future with new branding, a new website and new video. We are working with locally based firms on each project.”

Away from work, Mark has a passion for both junior football, where he helps coach his son’s team, and retro-computers. He owns a computer collection including an original IBM PC and old Spectrum and Amstrad machines.