Action Fraud warning on Amazon Prime scam

A warning has been issued after fraudsters stole more than £1million using Amazon Prime scam calls.

Action Fraud, has received 500 reports of an automated call impersonating Amazon.

The system says the victim’s personal information has been used for an Amazon Prime subscription and they should ‘press one’ to cancel the purchase.

After pressing one, victims are transferred to a person posing as Amazon customer service who try to remotely access their computer to steal details.

Action Fraud say to never install any software as a result of a cold call, always question uninvited approaches and call the company directly.

“It’s ok to stop the discussion if you do not feel in control,” they said.

Meanwhile, the police have warned of a Sky and EE scam which tries to obtain your bank details over the phone.

Cold callers posing as service providers get people on the phone under the pretence they have issues with broadband, or making payments.

They make the person believe they want to provide a refund, and try to obtain the bank details of get the customer to download an app. But the app actually allows the scammer to access their info.