Anti Virus Software

In today’s modern climate, every computer should have an effective, up-to-date and comprehensive anti-virus software package running on it. This is particularly important for computers that connect to the internet but it is also important that all other computers are also protected.

Viruses have evolved and virus-writers now use sophisticated techniques to access vulnerable computer systems for malicious purposes. The threat landscape is continually changing and it is imperative that your company has comprehensive protection in place to keep your data and systems safe. Viruses themselves are just one of the many threats now being faced – others currently include Ransomware, Trojans, Botnets, Malware, Phishing and identity theft etc. Today’s threats are more about criminal intent.

UK Business IT can help protect your systems and are accredited for several ‘anti-virus’ software products including McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, Kaspersky, AVG, Trend Micro etc. We therefore spend time identifying the need before recommending the most appropriate product.

If you’ve picked up a virus or your systems have been attacked, we can also help with recovery.

Call us to discuss how we can help protect your systems.

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