Are you ready for your Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft has begun the roll out of a major update to its Windows 11 PC operating system (October 31, 2023)

This includes an AI chatbot called Copilot.

According to media reports, Copilot can create human-like text and other content with just a few words of human direction. It relies on underlying large language models that Microsoft-backed OpenAI has trained to compose email text, answer questions and automatically perform actions in Windows, augmenting its knowledge with information from websites.

PC-specific features in the Windows Copilot include the ability to open apps, switch to dark mode, turn on Bluetooth and get guidance on making a screenshot.

While you’re looking at a website in the Edge browser, you can have the Copilot come up with a summary of what’s on the page.

Windows 11 now represents about 24% of desktop PCs, according to StatCounter data, while Windows 10, which will be supported until October 2025, has almost 72% of the market.

Microsoft says “Copilot in Windows helps you stay focused while it performs the tasks you need to get done. From adjusting your PC’s settings to organizing your windows with Snap Assist, Copilot saves you time and helps you be more efficient.

“To launch Copilot, update to the latest version of Windows 11 and press Windows logo key  + C.”

Halloween also saw a major update to Microsoft Teams.

Chat has now officially been absorbed into the free version of Teams, which will now be pinned as a default app in your taskbar,

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