Bespoke Databases

At UK Business IT limited, we have been writing Bespoke Databases for clients for many years and have considerable expertise in this field.

A Bespoke Database is written to address a specific business requirement in a company where a suitable off-the-shelf software package is not available. The database can solve a variety of problems and can often be written to integrate with existing software applications.

The main advantage of bespoke software is that it is written specifically for you and so there is no compromise over functionality – it will do exactly what you want it do because it’s written only for you.

We adopt a professional approach to software development and this includes a feasibility study, user requirement documentation and technical specification. We use a variety of modern development languages including Visual Basic, SQL etc. This database can be on-line (ie available on the internet or cloud) or off-line on your local network. If on-line we can also host the database for you so that you have a complete solution with one point of contact.

After development, it’s also possible to put an Escrow agreement in place whereby the ‘source code’ of the software is held by a third party and is accessible should something untoward happen. This gives the client additional security and protection.

If you would like to discuss whether your requirements can be best served by a bespoke database, please call our sales team or e-Mail

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