C is for Christmas and for Cyber crime

Following weeks of dismal weather, the children are preparing to go back to school and it’s officially autumn.

Dare we mention the ‘C’ word yet? It eon’t be long before Noddy Holder is bellowing “It’s Christmas” again from your smart speakers or car radio.

Sadly, Christmas also gives opportunities to the less honest in society, including criminals in cyber space.

Last year, the National Cyber Security Centre urged shoppers to  urged to bolster their cyber security in the approach to the festive season.

Black Friday can be a particular problem for those of us who are too trusting online.

Your email is where you keep your most personal and financial information.

If a cyber criminal accesses your email, they could access your other online accounts using the ‘forgot password’ feature (which often sends you an email) and access personal or business information and use this to scam you or people you know.

Your email password should be strong and different from all your other passwords.

Combining 3 random words that each mean something to you is a great way to create a password that is easy to remember but hard to crack. But don’t use the obvious names, such as those of your pets.

You should also think about 2-Step verification. 2SV works by asking for more information to prove your identity. For example, getting a code sent to your phone when you sign in using a new device or change settings such as your password.

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