Cabling & Wireless Systems

Modern commercial premises need to accommodate a fast, efficient cabling systems that will support ALL business and technology functions.

As company’s grow, they generate more and more information and the cabling systems on which they run have to be able to accommodate this growth and provide a fast, flexible platform for the technology to run efficiently. Millions of data signals pass along the data cables every second and it therefore has to be specified and installed properly.

Designing a good, solid network requires experience, knowledge and a fundamental understanding of the data volumes that the cabling system must support. It is not sufficient to simply put cabling points in while electrical work is being carried out. These facts mean that your office cabling system must accommodate current and future requirements not just in terms of IT, but in terms of the whole workplace environment.

We use proven and resilient technologies to ensure that information passes around the network at lightning fast speeds. We install CAT5e, CAT6/6A, Optical fibre, linked building systems (building-to-building wireless or wired), outdoor and indoor, Ethernet over power, patch cabinets equipment and more. There are many types of data cabling systems with different characteristics designed for different purposes.

At UK Business IT, we design your structured data cabling system from a data and communication perspective which ensures that the design is appropriate for your business and for your premises, giving you years of trouble-free, reliable operation.

We can also install single climate-controlled data cabinets that have air conditioning built in, thus removing the need for a separate computer room.

Our fully trained data cable installation engineers can install a single data point right through to a fully flood wired large office block.

The key to a successful Cabling System implementation is to get us involved early so call us today on (01782) 26 44 55 or e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT

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