CCTV Security Systems

A fast growing area of unified communications is in the field of security cameras which enable you to view, record and listen to video and sound over a network or over the Internet. These cameras connect directly to your office network and can thus be monitored and recorded remotely at multiple locations, using a wide range of devices including mobile phones, laptops, iPad’s etc.

IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are increasingly popular due to the ease of installation, flexibility, and low cost. They also provide functions, that are not available on analogue cameras.

The video captured can be recorded onto a hard drive anywhere on your network including a local PC, external USB Hard Disk, Network Recorder or other device.

Cameras can be installed inside or outside the premises and don’t always need mains power as they can be powered from the network switch via a data cable. Cameras can also be mounted as wireless devices if cable access is a problem.

Camera choice ranges from simple inexpensive ‘fixed’ cameras to High Definition Pan, Zoom and Tilt cameras offering infra-red and night vision facilities.

Understanding the management and the flow of data around your network is important to ensure that camera feeds to not interfere with the rest of the network. As an IT company, UK Business IT have the expertise to ensure that these systems all work seamlessly with each other.

At UK Business IT, we offer a number of security camera solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Whether you want to install a single camera on your existing network or want a comprehensive security solution, we have the expertise to install commission and support these systems for you.

To find out how to add CCTV to your network, please contact our sales department on (01782) 26 44 55 or e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT

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