Cloud Services

Cloud computing isn’t a new concept and has been around for many years in different disguises. The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is often used to represent a diverse variety of IT Systems and Services, which are often sourced from different suppliers. Put simply though, Cloud Computing can be defined as your programs and data available on the internet as opposed to on a local network for example. Of course the mechanics of what goes on in the background is complicated and often involve hardware, software, hosting etc – all of which need to work alongside each other for the systems to work properly for your business.

The degree to which a company can use cloud services will depend on many factors. Certainly there are some distinct advantages in having some or all of your programs and data available on the internet but equally there are some good reasons why you should avoid this route.

At UK Business IT, we look at your business and what you need from your IT Systems and then we advise accordingly. If your requirements are best served by a cloud-based solution or a partial cloud-based solution then this is what we recommend. We have decades of experience in both installing and support client’s IT systems, both on and off ‘The Cloud’.

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