Consumer watchdog Which warns of new Facebook scam

Consumer magazine Which? has warned of a new Facebook scam which uses your friends to gain information.

The attempt to steal your information begins with a message from a “Facebook friend” who has already been hacked.

The message works hard to convince you it’s a friend you are in conversation with and then says they saw your name on a list for a National Community Grant (NCG).

It will attempt to convince you that your friend received a substantial grant before telling you how to make an application.

Do not fill in the form – it’s a scam!

Clicking on this form link is designed to download malware on to your computer.

There may also be a link to a scam website.

Which? has set out some good advice –

  • Set strong and unique passwords for every website you create an account with.
  • Password-protect your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop) as an extra layer of security if your device is stolen.
  • If you’re using a shared computer, don’t allow browsers or individual websites to remember your usernames or passwords.
  • Consider turning off ‘auto complete’ functions in your browser. These save your usernames, addresses and sometimes credit card details for when you visit retail stores online.