Cyber-attack on pottery giant highlights the need for all companies to ensure strong data security measures

With cyber-attacks now occurring at a rate of around 100 a month the need for companies to increase anti-virus protection is more important than ever.

We recently heard that one of the largest employers in our home city of Stoke-on-Trent have been targeted by cyber criminals in an attack aimed at extorting money from the business.

Steelite International, based in Orme Street, Middleport, discovered hackers had encrypted its servers to cause “maximum disruption” to its payroll systems.

During the attack, a hacker from a remote computer outside of the UK infiltrated a weakness in the company’s system and began encrypting key files.

The firm’s IT team noticed suspicious activity and began to address it when a ransom request came through from the hacker.

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UK Business IT Director Mark Swann said: “The criminals are getting ever more sophisticated and it is important that all companies have strong levels of protection.

“Firstly, invest in good antivirus software. We can provide new intelligent software which can detect and quarantine the type of threat used in this case. Buying the right antivirus solution is worth its weight in gold. Secondly, all companies must ensure that all computer back-ups are off-site and not attached to your day to day network. Infections can go through all connected files very quickly. Finally, ensure your firewall is as secure as possible.”