Data Security

It is essential that your business data is both protected and recoverable. Losing your data can cause irrecoverable damage to your business!

A system crash, a virus, physical damage through fire and flood, hacking, theft or a combination of these are modern-day threats against your data.

It’s easy to believe that your data is secure when it actually might not be. Anti-virus software alone may not be sufficient: we suggest adding a mix of firewalls, intrusion detection devices, anti virus, spam and phishing protection, as well as web site filtering which restricts staff internet usage.

We offer a variety of hardware and software solutions to make the task of securing your data easier – from intelligent hardware and imaging technologies, to off-site internet based backup solutions.

There is no single solution to ensure your business is safe and secure, so we will audit your systems and make clear recommendations. As threats are constantly changing, the solutions need to be regularly reviewed.

Our Security Audit involves
√ Full network review
√ Access method and user rights evaluation
√ Policy, process and procedure review
√ Remote access and mobile working risk assessment
√ Detailed review of host configuration
√ Program update for long term protection

Benefits to your business
√ Vulnerable security areas can be prioritised
√ Weaknesses are identified to stop attacks before they start
√ Business continuity is ensured with minimal disruption
√ Compliance with liability guidelines is made easier
√ All employees can feel confident when using internet and email systems

Call us today and we will provide the most appropriate and cost effective solution for your business.

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