Green ICT

Britain became the first country in the world to make a legally-binding commitment to cut its greenhouse gases by 80% by 2050. This huge target will affect everyone and you can do your part with Green ICT.

Green ICT strives to achieve economic viability and improved system performance and use, while demonstrating your social and ethical responsibilities.

At UK Business IT, we can help you company realise the benefits of using Green ICT to reduce your business’s carbon footprint, gain competitive advantage, provide a positive public relations opportunity, and save money in the process.

Some of the ways in which Green ICT can be implemented are as follows:

  • Using energy-aware Computer and Network Technologies
  • Using Innovative Technologies to reduce power consumption
  • Using Carbon offsets to help offset office ICT equipment emissions
  • Virtualisation to replace Servers
  • Power Management to ensure equipment is asleep when inactive
  • Purchasing low power and carbon neutral equipment
  • Increase use of Teleworking (staff working from home)
  • Replacing power-hungry power supply units
  • Equipment Disposal & Recycling
  • Reducing the numbers and volumes of equipment in use
  • Video Conferencing
  • Smarter use of Staff and the equipment they use
  • Mobile Computing
  • Using multi-function printers
  • Increase the number of on-line services in use in your business

To find out how to ‘Go Green’ with your IT Systems, please e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT or call our sales team on (01782) 26 44 55.

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