IT Forensic Investigations

There are frequent occasions when we are asked to conduct investigations to assist in the provision of electronic evidence. Some examples include:-

  • Suspected intellectual property theft
  • Employment disputes
  • Executive misconduct
  • Suspected computer misuse

At UK Business IT, we can provide the support your business needs to help reduce the risk associated with operating in an electronic environment.

Our team of experts provide you with powerful tools to prepare for and respond to any electronic evidence requirement. We have a comprehensive range of forensic services to help organisations (and key individuals within those organisations) make informed decisions and mitigate potential electronic evidence risks.

Our service focuses on where the evidence is located, how to access it, understanding what it shows and what to do with it. The ability to handle digital evidence correctly and defensibly is vital when investigating any case. Our experts employ the correct techniques to carefully and accurately contain, preserve and extract critical evidence.

If you need advice on the correct course of action to take then please speak to us discreetly in complete confidence.

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