Virtualised Networks

Manage a complex operation from multiple geographical sites with total freedom and simplicity.

Virtualisation lets one computer do the job of many computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments virtual servers and virtual desktops let you run numerous operating systems and applications both locally and in remote locations, freeing you from physical and geographical limitations.

Some of the benefits are Energy Savings, Lower Capital Expenses and more efficient use of Hardware Resources. High availability of resources gives improved disaster recovery processes and increased security and management.

A virtual infrastructure delivers massive benefits:

Server Consolidation and Infrastructure Optimisation : Virtualisation pools common infrastructure resources and gives significantly higher resource utilisation by breaking the legacy “one application to one server” model.

Physical Infrastructure Cost Reduction Virtualisation reduces the number of servers and related IT hardware in the data centre, which leads to reductions in building, power and cooling requirements, resulting in significantly lower IT costs.

Improved Operational Flexibility & Responsiveness Virtualisation offers a new way of managing IT infrastructure and helps IT administrators reduce time spent on repetitive tasks like provisioning, configuration, monitoring and maintenance.

Increased Application Availability & Improved Business Continuity Eliminate planned downtime and recover quickly from unplanned outages with the ability to securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments with no interruption in service.

Improved Desktop Manageability & Security Deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments for end users to access locally or remotely, with or without a network connection, on almost any standard desktop, laptop or tablet PC.

At UK Business IT, we install virtualised environments based upon the VMWare and Hyper-V range of products.

Contact our Sales Team on (01782) 26 44 55 to discover the benefits switching to a virtualised network or alternatively e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT.

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