Microsoft Teams to provide bettter solutions for frontline workers who are always on the go

It can often be thought that everyone has the ability to work remotely.

But surveys show many frontline workers have no access tools such as video conferencing.

Now Microsoft is looking at ways of granting better access to its popular Teams platform to workers who are often on the move.

Microsoft says that there’s been an emphasis on people working with easy access to a laptop and that’s been  invaluable for those who were sent to work from home when Covid-19 closed down many workplaces.

But Jared Spataro, corporate vice president for modern work at Microsoft, said “at Microsoft, our mission is much broader than just information workers; we really are focused on empowering every person in every organization across the planet to achieve more.”

Frontline workers include those on the front lines in retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare.

Now Microsoft is deepening its strategic relationship with Zebra Technologies Corp., a world leader in innovative digital solutions, including software and hardware such as rugged Android mobile computers for the frontline workforce. The two companies are delivering the Teams Walkie Talkie app on a wide range of Zebra mobile computers.

In addition, Teams Walkie Talkie digital PTT is now available on all iOS mobile devices in addition to Android.

Zebra Technologies Corporation is a mobile computing company that makes technology used to sense, analyze, and act in real time.

There’s a definite shift to improve communication for workers on the go.

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