Pandemic accelerated UK’s shift online – Ofcom

UK adults spent an average of three hours and 47 minutes online every day during the pandemic, an annual survey of media habits by regulator Ofcom has found.

In addition, online shopping sales in the UK rose by 48% to £113bn, with food and drink sales rising the most.

Ofcom said the Online Nation 2021 report revealed how the pandemic had accelerated a shift to online.

With many people working from home, due to Coronavirus, more of us than ever before rely on digital technology.

Video communication tools, such as Teams and Zoom, helped scores of companies get through the Covid-19 crisis.

While we are now beginning to get out a little more, the changes to how we use technology have changed business and home life for ever, with many companies using Teams and Zoom to cut down on travelling to meetings.

This has the added benefit of taking traffic off the roads, something which is essential as people become ever more aware of pollution and climate change.

More than ever before, companies need to have access to fast, reliable, IT services.

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