Server Hosting

An alternative to having your file server(s) sat on your premises is to have it hosted. In essence this means that your server will physically sit in our datacentre and will provide you with the same facilities you would expect on your site – the main difference is that you log onto the server via the internet.

You can choose to have your own physical server hosted or can simply ‘rent some space’ on one of our virtual servers, thus reducing the monthly cost even further. Many customers choose to start with this rented model and then upgrade to the full server model when they need to. Every customer is unique and every configuration is tailored to your specific requirements.

Your monthly rental also includes a new replacement server when your server becomes obsolete. Your server can thus be upgraded as your business grows.

We operate out of three datacentres in Slough, Maidenhead and Milton Keynes. Each datacentre is built to a high specification and all three are “Tier III” standard. This means that they have UPS-backed mains power (N+1), generator backup (N+1) as well as Redundant Air Conditioning and ‘VESDA’ fire detection and suppression systems. In short, these are all very secure facilities to house your company’s data.

We offer a number of Maintenance packages and can include your hosted server (ie you can pay for one fixed monthly fee to include Server rental, server maintenance and on-site maintenance for your other computers and equipment). All of our maintenance packages are tailored to each customer’s own specific requirements.

The major advantage of server hosting is that you have monthly running costs as opposed to large infrastructure capital costs. Additionally your Server(s) are monitored 24/7 and are automatically backed up.

If you would like to discuss whether Server Hosting would be the right choice for your business, then please call us on 01782 264455 or alternative please e-mail ITExpert@UKBusiness.IT

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