Software & Licensing

UK Business IT offers a huge range of off-the-shelf Software Products that cover all manner of Applications and Utilities. Specialising in PC-based software, we can supply you with any off-the-shelf package available in the UK. Every package we supply is completly genuine licensed software and we only source from reputable UK Software Vendors.

We help our customers in both identifying and specifying the right package to ensure hassle-free purchases. In the majority of cases, we will also install and configure the package on your system to ensure it is set up properly. We often upgrade existing packages to complete an installation.

Software can be purchased in many different formats and this can vary from the traditional software pack through to downloaded media-less software and licence-only packages. We are authorised to sell the full range of Microsoft products and this can include OEM, Retail and Open Licensing. We are also authorised to sell Microsoft packages to Educational and Charitable institutions at massively reduced prices. Our staff are Microsoft Licensing specialists (MLSS) and we therefore ensure your purchases are legal, genuine and compliant. Some of the other applications we offer include Operating Systems, Office Suites, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Backup Software etc. Some of the vendors we work with are listed below.

At UK Business IT, we also recognise that in the majority of cases our customers use industry-specific software packages. These packages vary greatly in functionality and in the way that they use the computer system. They also vary in the way they are supported by the software vendor.

Whilst we offer fully licensed packages, we can also offer a Software Audit Service for companies who do not know what existing software they have or whether they are legal. For more information please contact us on (01782) 26 44 55 or alternative e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT

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