Tech Tip: Get a Screenshot of Just PARTS of Your Screen

Although getting a screenshot of the screen is relatively easy by pressing a single key on the keyboard—PrtSc, using this ‘primitive’ option means capturing unintended parts of the screen, hence the need to do some basic image editing or cropping.

Luckily, with the introduction of the so-called “Snipping Tool” since Windows 7, users have now been given the power to highlight on certain part of the screen and take a screenshot from there.

To enable the Snipping Tool:

• Go to the Start Menu.
• Use the Search feature and look for “Snipping Tool” by typing it letter for letter.
• The Snipping Tool will appear from the Start Menu.
• Make a shortcut for it for easy future access.
• Run the app as needed.
• Save it (PNG,GIF, JPG) Highlight it, Embed it, Email it … Whatever you want.