Video Conferencing

Continue your corporate environmental policies and cut down on wasted travel with a video conferencing system. Work more effectively using video conferencing training sessions, meetings, key communications and conferences.

Technology has dramatically changed the way that business is conducted. Seminars have become Webinars, and face to face meetings are increasingly being held as a video conference.

Meetings from boardrooms across the globe can now seamlessly blend into one room, without a single flight being made. The benefits are scaleable and suitable for all sizes of company. Instead of travelling miles and wasting hours, you can continue working and break for a video conference. Video conferencing is good for bringing together remote workers or project teams as well as international meetings, regional meetings and training sessions.

The advantages of the video conference are huge and everything is much simpler than you think. The equipment you use can range from a simple webcam which costs very little and is simple to use, right the way up to the Cisco TelePresence system that is a room-full of specific IT & Communications equipment.

Travel and transport costs, hotel, meals and overnight stays, room and equipment hire, the expense of lost time away from work – all these costs are eradicated forever, adding thousands back onto your bottom line.

Tangible Benefits

  • Reach everyone immediately, and ignore time zones. Time differences between countries can be overlooked without anyone travelling long distances for the meeting or conference.
  • Web-based conferencing allows large rooms of people at different locations, even different countries, to interact with one another effectively.
  • PowerPoint and other visual displays can be shared with everyone simultaneously, keeping everyone focused and on task.
  • Virtual whiteboards allow people from different locations to add in their own thoughts or ideas into one collaborative space.
  • Some services allow people to access another computer screen to view, share and amend documents in real time.

At UK Business IT we supply, configure and support a number of alternative video conferencing systems. For an initial discussion, please contact our sales department on (01782) 26 44 55 or e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT

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