Web & e-Mail Hosting

Most businesses own a domain name (www.something.co.uk for example) and in the majority of cases, this domain name usually has email facilities (theboss@something.co.uk).

At UK Business IT, we can eliminate some of the problems that can arise with hosting and email by controlling and managing your web site and email for you.

We can move your current web site onto our hosted server and ensure it is available on the internet 24 hours a day. The fact that we also host your e-mail means that any e-mail problems are quickly understood and dealt with immediately.

When we look after your e-Mail & Web Hosting we become your ISP and therefore any problems to do with e-Mail are directed to ourselves not a third party. This removes another company in the chain and so improves the speed at which problems are resolved – you thus have one point of contact.

Our hosted email solutions can also include anti-spam and ant-virus – where email is checked before it even gets to your own system. We also offer Security Certificates if you need higher levels of security or if you sell goods and services on-line. Domain Names Registration is also a service that we offer.

For more information on how we can manage your company’s e-communications, please e-mail us now ITexpert@UKbusiness.IT or call our sales team on (01782) 26 44 55.

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