Business Relocation Services

If you’ve ever relocated your business, you’ll know that the process is full of potential horrors, aggravation, distractions and business interruption. In order to assist with moving your company, UK Business IT offers a professional relocation service that will decommission and re-install all of your company’s IT & Technology systems – making the process fast, efficient and streamlined.

With every relocation project, we include a Network Cabling Design Service free-of-charge. This service looks at the functional use of the building(s) from a Technology perspective.

Any company relocation needs to carefully consider the technology & communications. At UK Business IT we have many years experience in organising everything for you with minimum downtime and disruption.

UK Business IT have relocated many businesses over the years from small two-three person companies to larger organisations with multiple branch offices and distributed staff.

The key is careful auditing and planning. We start the process by developing a Business Relocation Plan with you. This ensures that everything has been included and thought through and protects your business’ core services. Technology solutions such as e-mail & telephone redirects can also be implemented.

The relocation itself does not necessarily have to involve every member of staff or every component of the business moving at the same time. It can be phased to move strategic parts of the business in stages, improving timescales and easing disruption.

We will evaluate your new premises to determine what remedial or full cabling work needs to be carried out in advance. This means that IT and office equipment can be used immediately. It also means that the new cabling is designed properly from a technology perspective. Many buildings have some infrastructure in place and we’ll therefore include as much as possible to help reduce costs.

We can also suggest how buildings might be altered to accommodate new technology, improve workflow and maximise operational benefits. We can provide assistance to work alongside your architects and designers.

Often companies will use a relocation as an opportunity to upgrade their existing systems although this is not always necessary. We can thus integrate a system upgrade within the Relocation Plan so that your technology is up-to-date as soon as you move in.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with relocating your business, please call us on 01782 264455 or e-Mail ITexpert@UKBusiness.IT

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