Support Contracts

At UK Business IT we have several IT Support Contracts available to suit any business requirement. A summary of the contracts available is follows:

Here are some of the common questions that customers ask us about Support Contracts:

  • Remote Support Contract – suits customers who simply need remote diagnosis and repair only.
  • Critical Services Support Contract – Our Critical Support Contract offers covers the vital elements in your network giving you piece of mind.
  • Critical Services Plus Support Contract – covers the vital elements plus 6 weeks per annum Comprehensive cover for your own IT Manager (holidays, training, sick days).
  • Standard Support Contract – all equipment and services are covered on a breakdown basis .
  • Comprehensive Support Contract – all equipment is covered and also includes adds, moves and changes to your systems.
  • Comprehensive Plus Support Contract – Comprehensive Contract with a series of additional services included (Broadband, Web & Mail Hosting, Remote Internet Backup, free IT Equipment Recycling etc).

Q. I already have a support contract, therefore I can’t use UK Business IT because I’m tied in.
A. We are an open and flexible company. If you sign up to a 12 month contract with us, we will honour your existing contract so that you do not lose out financially by switching to us.

Q. I have an IT Manager already, why do I need a contract?
A. We offer a number of different Support options. One contract (Critical Plus) offers cover for the critical parts of your network only (with replacement servers, routers etc) available for swap-out replacement. This contract can also provide you with 6 weeks’ cover per year to cover your own IT Managers holidays/training days and sick days. Helpdesk support is also available under this contract so your IT manager can access assistance whenever it is needed.

Q. My friend sorts out our IT issues, I don’t need support.
A. For smaller businesses this can be correct. However, what would happen in the event of a major disaster such as a server crash? What would happen if/when your support person is on holiday, on another job or just unobtainable?
We use our extensive knowledge and skill to ensure your systems are set up properly in the first place and we’re always available. How important is your computer system to your business and if it’s important, surely it’s worth protecting?

Q. I’d rather pay when something goes wrong rather than commit to a contract.
A. We are more than happy to offer ad-hoc support at competitive rates. Please call for details.

Q. How much does a contract cost?
A. This depends on the size and complexity of the system we cover, as every one is different. If you e-mail your list of equipment, we can let you know (without obligation) how much a contract will cost.

Q. My hardware is looked after by my software vendor.
A. In general, software vendors specialise in the software they write or sell. They generally do not have the same level of knowledge or experience in supporting network infrastructures. You will also generally pay more for support with this type of arrangement. We recognise that every customer has software that is relevant to their own business and, to this end, we offer you a local, efficient service where we become the liaison between the problem and the software vendor. This scenario is much better for you and is used by the majority of our customers.

Q. My system is faulty now, can you help?
A. Yes – call us.

Q. What are the different types of contract available?
A. Please refer to support page or call us for more details.

Q. What about confidential information?
A. We treat each customer’s data with the utmost respect and sensitivity. We have a Standard Non-Disclosure agreement which we sign and this protects both parties should there be particularly sensitive data on-site. Any data that we store is held securely and safeguards are put in place to ensure the information cannot be accessed. We will not discuss any one customer’s system with another customer and we subscribe to the British Computer Society Code of Conduct.

Q. How can I be sure you know what you’re doing?
A. We have decades of experience installing, running and supporting IT systems. We are accredited for most Industry Suppliers including Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Acer etc. We regularly attend training to ensure our knowledge is current. We also want you to get value from your investment and will ensure your IT systems runs smoothly, efficiently and quickly. There are no guarantees but if you’re not happy, you can exit a contract simply by giving us three month’s notice – we stand by the quality of support we give.

Q. I am interested, what happens next?
A. Simple, give our sales team a call and one of our consultants will come and see you at a time to suit yourself. This is an initial no-obligation meeting which we offer to you free-of-charge. Our consultant will discuss your requirements and then, if appropriate, can advise you of the relative costs involved. You do not need to ‘sign up’ on the day, we will simply advise you of the options and costs and then it’s up to you. If you agree to a contract, a complete site audit will follow shortly afterwards.

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