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How you benefit

Rather than employ your own internal IT manager, we ask you to consider outsourcing your IT function.

Not only will you be put in touch with our team of experts in every aspect of IT & Technology (it’s not reasonable to expect one person to know everything), we also carry a large amount of replacement equipment ready for immediate exchange. The cost savings are significant, with a Comprehensive Managed Contract often producing 75% savings over the alternative of employing your own member of staff.

If you already have your own IT manager or internal member of staff, then our Critical Plus Support Contract can enhance this facility for your business. As well as the Critical cover for your essential IT System Hardware, we also include six weeks management cover for your IT staff to ensure that holiday, training and sickness absence does not impede upon the smooth operation of your business. Critical Plus ensures seamless support and complementary cover by giving your staff the flexibility and freedom to call us in when they need additional strength and expertise.

Some of the features common across a number of support packages include:

  • An early warning system that proactively tells us of issues before they develop into faults.
  • Replacement equipment available should your Server/ Router/Switch etc.
  • Unlimited Helpdesk Support including Remote Diagnostics.
  • Rapid call-out’s should you need us on-site quickly.
  • Manageable Fixed Monthly Fees to make budgeting easier and aviod any nasty surprises.
  • Free Initial on-site Review to ensure your systems are safe, that your data is secure and that everything is working to its maximum capacity.

These support packages save you both money and management time sorting out IT problems. Also, our manageable monthly fees keep your costs under control.

For more information and to discuss how we might be able to help you, please e-mail ITexpert@UKbusiness.ITor call our sales team today on (01782) 26 44 55.

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